We serve over 800 Community Pharmacies,
Industrial and Municipal clinics, Doctors’ practices,
Specialist clinics and Acute Care Institutions.

We aim to give you reliable service

Dedicated Territory
Service team
so we get to know
your needs better

Quick Delivery &
No minimum order charge

so you can order what you
need when you need it

Nationwide reach
no one’s too far
for us to serve

We offer Rx, OTC and Consumer Healthcare
products from a trusted supply network

We invest considerable effort in building relationships with reputable
manufacturers to respond to customer requirements. Some of the
Vendor Partners whose brands we currently supply include:

Your requirements are just
a phone call or email away.

Please get in touch for a product list
or any service-related enquiry

Our product range is available for our
Healthcare partners through Pulse Pharmaceuticals.


We partner with reputable Vendor Partners in India to deliver affordable
generic and branded Prescription, OTC and Consumer Health Care products.

Our partners include

Your requirements are just
a phone call or email away.

Please get in touch for a product list
or any service-related enquiry

We serve Professionals in Acute Care and Long-term Care
contexts such as Hospitals and Accident & Emergency
Centres, Specialty Clinics and long-term care facilities.


We offer medical equipment, surgical products and consumables, as well as high-quality Wound care. These include:

Solutions for Surgery, ICU, HDU
Electrosurgery equipment and related

Anaesthesia delivery systems and
disposables, patient monitoring
systems, bacterial/ viral filters, fluid
and blood warmers

Advanced wound care
Post-surgery and post-trauma
wound care

Solutions for complex wounds such as those related to Diabetes, Cancer, venous and orthopaedic ulcers and extended invalid care

We source our products from 

We’re here to help

Our Sales Consultants are                              Masimba Vhiriri
available to guide you                                       vhiriri@pulse-surgicals.co.zw
through our range of                                         Nelson Mutsunge
our medical supplies                                         nmutsunge@pulse-surgicals.co.zw

                                                                                   John Sango

                                                                                   Trevor Fiddes

                                                                                   Elizabeth Makokove

Pulse Technologies has delivered high-quality laboratory
solutions for over four decades in Zimbabwe. In addition,
Pulse Technologies provides weighing technology solutions.


Our Vendor Partners include:

We Offer

Laboratory Equipment
& Consumables

We offer
Analytical Laboratory and
Clinical Diagnostic equipment,
consumables and reagents
for Medical Laboratories
Laboratory & scientific
equipment, chemicals/reagents
and consumables for Research,
Industry and Mining fields.

Laboratory supplies

Contact us for Scientific
equipment, laboratory
chemicals, reagents,
glassware, culture media
and related consumables
for Secondary & Tertiary
educational laboratories.

Maintenance Service
and Calibration

Our Service Centre provides
maintenance and repair services
for laboratory equipment.
We are accredited by The Trade
Measures Board to conduct
Calibration services for
weighing equipment .